Dialog Session Paper Guidelines

The Dialog Presentation is a different choice for the authors to present their work, giving the opportunity to discuss your idea in depth with the attendees. It usually may include a poster too, but the most important is the table, the chairs and the possibility to show video materials on your computer screen. You may also write on paper and talk around that table with attendees.

Size of the Poster Materials
Please refer to the size of the Poster Board in order to prepare the layout of your presentation. The available poster board has sufficient area for a poster of A0 (840x1188 mm) portrait size. The board is larger, up to 1 meter by 2 meter size. The size of poster materials should fit inside the board and be readable at a distance of a few meters. The poster will have to be fixed on the corresponding board that has the same number. Preferably use colours, tables, and graphs, rather than dense paragraphs of text. Consider organizing the materials logically, so that the attendee can perceive easily the motivation for the work, the methods used, and the results achieved. Teams of evaluators and reviewers will judge the poster on its quality, clarity, contents and appeal. The authors of the selected poster presentation must be physically present during the poster session.

Poster (Dialog) Table
In close vicinity to each poster, its Dialogue Table is prepared for conversation and outlets for supplying computers and other electronics is provided. The size of the computer screen must be enough to show clearly and legibly the visual material to 3-4 persons at least.

Please arrive at least 10 minutes ahead of the scheduled poster session to arrange any last minute issues relating to your presentation. The poster can be fixed anytime from 8:00 AM on the day of your presentation until the time of your presentation. The poster can be left throughout the day of your presentation but must be removed before 7:30 PM.


Dialog (poster), not bigger than A0 (.ppt 2mb)
Dialog (poster), 70x110 (.ppt 1.5mb)


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